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Application Form

Building Permission Application Forms
According to the Land Development (Control) Act 1968 and the Land Development (Control) (Amendment) Law 1983, permission is required to develop land. The word "development" encompasses building, engineering, mining or other operations in, on, over or under any lands as well as restrictions on changes of use of buildings or land and the subdivision of land The LAND DEVELOPMENT CONTROL AUTHORITY has a duty to consider all applications for permission to develop. In order to obtain permission, an application must be submitted to the PHYSICAL PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY which is the technical office of the L.D.C.A.
The Application
A formal application is made up of the following:
3 copies of the application form correctly filled in.
3 hard copies and 1 electronic copy of drawings to include a location plan, site plan, floor, elevational and section plans and structural/engineering plans. A topographical plan also be required.
If desired, an outline application for permission may be made, reserving matters relating to the siting, design, or appearance of a building, or the layout of the land, to a further formal application. An application outline need not be accompanied by the detailed plans described above.
Application Form
The form is called an "Application for Permission to Develop Land" and is available at the reception desk of the Physical Planning and Development Authority. There is important information contained at the back of the form and this should be read carefully. The form may be signed by the applicant or agent. If an agent is used, all matters relating to the application will be directed to him/her rather than the applicant.

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The Physical Planning and Development Authority is the authority that supervises the implementation of the Physical Planning and Development Control Act # 23 (2016) which makes provisions for the control of physical development, the preparation of physical plans for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinque and the protection of the natural and cultural heritage.

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