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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for Planning permission?

Applications for permission may be made at the reception desk of the Physical Planning and Development Authority office.

What is required when submitting a plan?

3 application forms correctly filled in, 3 copies of drawings to include a location plan, site plan, floor plan, elevation plan, sectional plans and structural/ engineering plans. Other information may be required as necessary. Application Forms can be found here.

How long does it take for a plan to be processed?

The time varies according to the scale and type of the development and may go up to a maximum of ninety (90) days for a full application and thirty (30) days for EIA.

What is the cost of submitting a plan?

The prices for the submission of a plan varies according to the type and size of the development. A complete list of prices can be found here.

Who is responsible for thereviewing of applications?

Each application submitted is normally checked by the Ministry of Health, a Structural Engineer, and the CEO and Senior Building Inspectors of The Physical Planning and Development Authority however if needed other entities may be asked to review the applications.

Who is responsible approving applications?

The Physical Planning and Development Authority board remembers are responsible. 

What is required for the resubmission of a plan?

A copy of the expired approved plan bearing the stamp and signature of the original planning approval along with a resubmission fee.

What is the minimum size of lot that can be developed on?

The minimum size is three thousand square feet (3,000sqft).

What is the maximum number of floors allowed for buildings?

Above ground level there should be a maximum of 3 floors. 

When are board meetings scheduled?

Board meetings are held monthly.

What is an EIA( Environmental Impact Assessment) and which developments require it?

Click here for information on EIAs.

What types of development receive exemptions from fees?

Government buildings i.e. schools, and buildings used for community purposes as exempted by the Minister of Planning.

Who is responsible for the checking of illegal developments?

There are several building inspectors that are responsible for the checking of illegal activities and the monitoring of construction/building plans that were approved. Each inspector is assigned to a different zone.

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The Physical Planning and Development Authority is a division governed by the Ministry of Communications, Works Physical Development, Public Utilities, ICT and Community Development. The Physical Planning and Development Authority is the authority that supervises the implementation of the Physical Planning and Development Control Act # 23 (2016) which makes provisions for the control of physical development, the preparation of physical plans for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinque and the protection of the natural and cultural heritage.

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