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The Building Code

Caribbean communities are exposed to risks that have direct correlation with the regions geological origin and climatic characteristics. The impacts of natural hazards will always be a concern to communities that are exposed to these threats.

The geological dynamics of the Caribbean Basin forms part of, what is referred to as the Caribbean plate which is in constant motion.  The presence of several active volcanoes in our region including our own Kick ‘em Jenny provides evidence of this.  While the dynamics of seismic activities can be said to remain constant, climate and weather related hydrological phenomena have increased in magnitude and frequency.

Maximizing Small Space Through Rooftop Farming

Homes and facilities with little to no space for farming and gardening is something common to urban places. In urban places, people have learned to adapt their desire to start farming or gardening through different methods that allow them to start planting even with just little space.
If you have a space to spare in your rooftop, you too can start rooftop farming in your home or office. Rooftop farming is a practice that lets people make use of any rooftop space that they have for farming as well as gardening. Different crops can be grown depending on the space that you have. You can plant herbs and small vegetables if you have a small to moderate sized space. If you have bigger space, you can also employ vertical farming on your rooftop.

8 Factors to Consider Before Buying Land to Build Your Home

In this time of economy recession one major challenge that people, especially those in the cities battles with is their rent. The thought of a phone call from landlords or agents has led many to developing high blood pressure.
I know you have been thinking of building your own house. I know you are fed up of having to give excuses and explanations to your landlord all the time because of rent. I also know that the times are hard; the economy is at a slow pace.

Green Architecture: Changing the Home Design Trends of Today

Whether you are considering a home renovation or exploring designs for a new house, one of the common suggestions that you will get both from architects and engineers is to make it adaptive and earth-friendly. For those who may not be too inclined on the technical details of home designs, "adaptive" and "earth-friendly" are just words, that also often appeal to be expensive and complicated to achieve.
However, with the ever changing trends in home designs, we need to start equipping ourselves with knowledge on economical yet safe home design choices. With this, we will try to look into the basic concepts of earth-friendly and adaptive homes - two concepts that are closely interrelated.

Great Ideas For Using Your Land Wisely

There are a few ways you can utilize your land wisely. One way right off the bat is as a home builder; when you have purchased some land for this purpose, do some homework. Find out if the people who would be buying the homes prefer a development where the houses are large but on a small plot of land; or would they pay more for a customized house on a large piece of property. This knowledge will help you determine what kind of homes to build; and maybe if you should include features like a man-made lake or a big clubhouse.

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The Physical Planning and Development Authority is a division governed by the Ministry of Communications, Works Physical Development, Public Utilities, ICT and Community Development. The Physical Planning and Development Authority is the authority that supervises the implementation of the Physical Planning and Development Control Act # 23 (2016) which makes provisions for the control of physical development, the preparation of physical plans for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinque and the protection of the natural and cultural heritage.

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